Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Rain Gutter Guards

LeafsOut makes a stainless steel micro-mesh rain gutter guard with 30 holes per linear inch (900 holes per square inch). The holes are so small they will keep out pine needles and even roof grit. This type of gutter guard also works as a first stage filter for rain water harvesting. We have a couple of versions to select from and suggest purchasing a sample first to make sure you get the right gutter guard for your rain gutter and roof type. All our types have the following features:

  • Eliminate gutter cleaning forever
  • No need to replace existing rain gutters
  • Barely visible from the ground
  • Keeps out wasps and other pests
  • Easy DIY (do it yourself) install
  • Will not degrade with exposure to the suns UV rays
  • 46 Inch sections, screws included
  • Fine stainless steel micro-mesh filtration system!
  • Filters out leaves, pine needles and sand from your gutter
  • 20 Year Warranty

LeafsOut uses V-Bend Technology which allows for 100% of the holes in the stainless steel mesh to channel rainwater into the gutter. Other micro-mesh gutter guards have metal supports under the micro-mesh that block up to 80% of the micro-mesh holes, which significantly reduces the potential for filtering rainwater into a gutter.


  • LeafsOut gutter guard will improve water quality by filtering out leaves, pine needles and small debris from your gutter and rainwater harvesting tanks.
  • The stainless steel micro-mesh keeps out mosquitoes, wasps, birds, rodents and other annoying critters from getting into your gutter.
  • The fine woven stainless steel micro-mesh keeps out the smallest debris.
  • Our micro-mesh combined with aluminum extruded sides provide the perfect amount of strength and flexibility for the ultimate gutter protection.

Valley Diverter -- NEW PRODUCT

Roof valleys cause excessive flow of rainwater and debris build-up and create challenges for all gutter guards. At the point where the roof valley meets the gutter is often called an inside miter or inside corner of the gutter.

Valley diverters help to hold back debris away from the gutter guard so water can more freely flow through the gutter guard. This also helps reduce the amount of cleaning on the gutter guard because a majority of the debris is sitting on the valley of the roof and not on the gutter guard. This does not eliminate the need of brushing off the gutter guard, it reduces the need for brushing it. Periodically you will also need to clean off the debris sitting behind the valley rainwater diverter.

New Product -- Gutter Guard Brush

The Gutter Guard Brush is used to clean off any rain gutter guard manufactured today. Just screw the brush on the end of any extension pole you may have laying around the house. Then from the ground, just reach up and brush of the gutter guard.