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LeafsOut provides a highly advanced micro mesh rain gutter cover protection system made out of aluminum and stainless steel that has 900 holes per square inch.

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LeafsOut LLC is located in Grass Valley, California, Copyright 2015

Micro Mesh Rain Guard Gutter Guards

LeafsOut manufacturers a highly advanced micro mesh rain gutter guard made out of aluminum and stainless steel that you can install yourself (professional installation is recommended). Micro mesh gutter guards filter out all debris from your rain gutters keeping them clean thus eliminating rain gutter cleaning forever. When properly installed, it’s physically impossible for leaves and pine needles to get through the LeafsOut micro-mesh.

Available in 5” standard and 7” WIDE widths with a length of 4 feet per section. We highly recommend obtaining a sample so you can make sure and get the correct size for your rain gutter. We also offer volume pricing giving a lower price when purchasing in larger quantities.

Eliminate gutter cleaning forever

Mesh doesn’t dip below the front gutter edge

No need to replace existing rain gutters

Barely visible from the ground

Gutter covers will keep out wasps and other pests

Will not degrade with exposure to the suns UV rays

Available in two sizes for 5” gutters and 7” gutters!

The LeafsOut Gutter Protection System consists of three main components: a front anodized aluminum drip edge; a stainless steel V-Bend filter mesh; and a black water siphon control strip on the bottom side of the mesh that literally pulls water into the rain gutter. LeafsOut gutter guard can be installed on various gutter types such as Ogee, half round, fascia, curved and box. It can also be installed on various types of roofs such as asphalt shingle, wood shake, flat tile, Spanish tile and stone coated steel.


Selecting the Right LeafsOut Micro Mesh Width

Each section is 4 feet long and there are two widths to select from. If you are unsure about the width you need we highly recommend getting the samples to make sure. Measure from the front edge of the rain gutter to the edge of the fascia just below the roof material. If less than 5 inches the standard 5” size will fit, if between 5 and 6 3/4” then you will need the wide LeafsOut. When measuring make sure to take into account the angle as that will add a little to the measurement.


For a limited time we have two versions of the LeafsOut standard 5”. We have the original heavy gauge version with 30 holes per inch and we now have a version with a FINE mesh with 50 holes per inch and double sided tape that can be used as an alternate method for installing. The FINE mesh may have some visual blemishes that do not impact the operation or the look once installed and we are offering it at a discounted price.


We are setting up a more professional store to give more options. You will be able to select the amount of 4 foot sections you want and there will be some quantity discounts. We also make saltwater chlorine generators and if you see them in the store that is us as well (the stores name is ControlOMatic). If you experience any issues with the store please let us know. GO TO THE NEW STORE