Valley Splash Guards

If you have rain gutter guards and valleys in your roof then you may know the frustration of rain water overrunning the gutters on the inside corners.  Water can pour down the valley in waves that cascades over your gutter which is frustrating. An old fashioned remedy is a deflector (shield) attached to the top of the gutter.  This device can redirect the water flow back into the gutter.  A couple downsides: -) it will trap debris heavily behind it and require frequent cleaning -) it will be visible from the ground and  -) may support the build-up of snow and ice dams.

Another solution an aluminum “L” about 2 feet long, two inches tall by one inch wide.  It has holes in it to allow the semi-defused water through and will break up the heaviest water flow.  Usually installed under the 2nd row of shingles with silicone-like glue.  This second solution has the same negatives as a deflector but will likely not be visible.


Our recommendation at LeafsOut is the Barnetts Valley Controller.  It is made out of impact-modified plastic approximately 18″ long and 12″ wide it stands 1 1/2 ” tall and has slots in the top and down both sides.  It is mounted by screwing thru the leading edge of the gutter.  It can be painted to match roof color and the gutter color.  In a word it takes water like “quick sand” with little or no over-run.  Because it is made of plastic, the Barnett also helps control snow in the valley. For more information, videos and to purchase please contact Barnett.



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  • Norm M

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    I just completed installing your product on my home. So far, I’m very happy with the product & ease of application…..time will tell whether it will handle a real heavy rain or not. I have no doubt about it keeping “stuff” out of our gutters……and keeping me off the roof 3-4 times a year. (My wife doesn’t want her 74 yr. old man up there!).

    We (my wife & I) installed it ourselves…..have attached some pictures.

    I have 4 inside corners that I’m a little concerned about, regarding how they will handle heavy rainfall. I saw in the installation material that you have an inside corner valley water deflector/diffuser, but can’t find this on your website. Please send me some info (price, etc.) about this product by return email.

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