LeafsOut WIDE Amazon Reviews

LeafsOut decreased the length by 2″ in December, 2016 and made a new product for Amazon, rather than loose all the review from the original 4″ version we put the original reviews in this post.

By Eric T.on December 13, 2016 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
These are awesome. Wind blows the leaves off. And heavy rain goes right in without fail. Great product

By Steve K.on September 28, 2016 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
After research & price quotes, LeafsOut seemed to be the best and most reasonable cost option. I predrilled 3 holes in each piece on a small drill press as was mentioned in a review. I hired my annual gutter cleaner to install them. He cleaned the gutters and installed 120′ of LeafsOut for $295. He had been offering his other clients a mesh-covered vinyl based product (about a buck a foot) but when he saw this design he agreed this was likely the best design & function (about $3.00 a foot) of all those on the market. Theyve now been installed for two weeks as the leaves are falling rapidly now and have had a heavy rain and a light rain so far. In the light rain all water was getting in the gutter, even in the valleys. He did put a half-inch diameter bead of clear silicone at the outer edge of the LeafsOut at the inside valley corners knowing that its where the most concentrated deluge of water will need help in resisting the over-shoot of heavy concentrated stream. That helped somewhat in the heavy rain but it did still overflow at the inside corners until the rain let up a bit. I did also notice some slow dripping from the front edge in the heavy rain. I have yet to see how they perform in the winter snow and ice but I think I was smart in placing a de-icer cable in the bottom of the gutter before they were covered with LeafsOut. I haven’t noticed anything except water getting thru. It even stops shingle granuales which do tend to collect at the front slightly raised lip and will take a major windstrom to have those blow off. Only compliant is the quanitity of screws they provided wasn’t adequate for the 3 holes that recomend in each piece like other reviewers have said. My installer was pleased, I was pleased and most importantly, my wife was pleased so far.

By Bicon September 17, 2016 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
best solution I’ve had. Very versitile and best for oak trees with all kinds of little debris. Pretty easy install

ByMark Toveyon September 7, 2016 – 4 Star
Verified Purchase
Worked perfectly with my metal roof. I came up short by just three panels so I need to contact the vendor to see what my options are.

By Useron September 25, 2015 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
I was very tentative with expectations because I have tried so many “good ideas” that were no so good after all. That being said, I am very pleased so far. I bought 24′ to care for one section of the house to experiment. I have ordered 124′ more. I am confident that it is the best solution. Will know better this time next year.

By L. Schwartzon September 10, 2015 – 4 Star
Verified Purchase
Install wasn’t really as easy as I thought but does a great job

By southern VAon July 4, 2015 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
These guards work very well. They keep nearly everything out go of the gutters. Water seems to flow into them just fine. i don’t have any runoff unless there is debris on the gutters. They stop pine needles very well. The one “draw back” is you need to brush off the debris regularly because it will collect on the gutters, but stopping the debris is the point.

By tommy d. goddardon May 6, 2015 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
i previously had installed a plastic gutter guard purchased from Home Depot that allowed the rain to roll over a lip and into the gutter to keep leaves out…however, after the plastic gutter guards had been in place for 10 years i was informed, by a contractor during a renovation, that the rain was rolling back up under the shingles and was turning the facia boards black. He recommended a change. I did a great deal of research before deciding on Leafsout. I am extremely happy with this product. I read the negative review AFTER i had installed my Leafsout guards and got concerned. Thus, the next time it rained i stood outside to see if the rain was rolling into or OVER the top of the gutter…The product worked perfectly. I have recommended Leafsout to my brother and a business associate and will recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for the best DIY gutter guards on the market. I would also add that i bought 24 feet more than i needed and I contacted “Scott” at Leafsout and he helped me with the return. Scott was a pleasure to work with and took great care of me. Thanks Leafsout for a great product.

By Carol Gon May 3, 2015 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
My handyman installed it and so far during a couple of good rains it’s OK, but the test will come in the Fall after all the pine needles fall from the trees in the back. If it works, I will order more for the front before the Florida oaks shed their leaves and the seelings come off the branches. This is why I am only giving it 3 stars. I will update in November.

Update. Five stars now~~ This is fantastic. No pine needles went through or got stuck- heavy rains all summer in Florida and no problems. My handyman is now completing the rest of the front of the house where there is an oak tree with lots of acorns and soon many small leaves, which started
to fall in December. Where it was already finished, it completely protected the gutters. You won’t regret installing this product.

By Sambeauon August 22, 2014 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
I’ve lived in my house for about a year without any guards on the gutters. Thanks to a lot that is heavily wooded with pine trees, I’ve cleaned out the gutters 3 times in that year. I chose LeafsOut because the mesh is fine enough to keep pine straw out of the gutters. I installed them about 2 months ago and I am quite pleased. Rather than pine straw silently sliding into and clogging the gutters & downspouts, I now have little piles that build up at the corners of the house! The only thing that gets into the gutters is rain water which, now that it is clean of debris, I will soon start catching in rain barrels.

The product is way sturdier than I thought it would be. I couldn’t really tell how sturdy the mesh was from pictures so I ordered a sample. This isn’t made of fabric or window-screening; It is made of fine gauge wire and is way sturdy. Falling sticks or pine cones aren’t going to tear a hole in the mesh. A stick or branch falling hard enough to tear through the mesh is probably going to be large enough that you’re going to need new gutters anyway. So worry not about the quality of the mesh.

One word of advice… Once you say how it lays on the lip of your gutters, PRE-DRILL HOLES IN THE GUTTER GAURD! Take my word for it, you’ll cuss a lot less and be done with the install a lot faster. The included self tapping screws are more than adequate, but I shot an unknown number of them into my yard before I wised up and pre-drilled the holes on my drill-press. After drilling the holes I don’t think I lost another screw and the pieces went up a lot faster.

Overall I am very pleased with their performance and would definitely recommend them to anyone who has to deal with pine straw in their gutters. They may be overkill for people who don’t routinely have to deal with the smaller debris like pine straw, but they’ll definitely keep the larger debris at bay as well.

By JeanBon March 14, 2014 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent product similar to the 5 inch version. We have installed the 5 inch on our house and are now putting the 7 inch on our barn. The barn has a metal roof that overhangs the gutter about an inch and this fits underneath beautifully. Despite the fact the roof is a large area, the LeafsOut lets the water through but not the leaves, even pine needles and floral catkins, of which we have many. I have only had this on the barn for a short time but so far it works like the one on the house. Good stuff so far!!

By Tonsilon December 3, 2013 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
Excellent product, very well made and strong. My research indicated that LeafsOut was about 50% of the cost of similar stainless steel micro mesh products. I recently had 180 ft of 6″ seamless gutters and downspouts installed. With the new gutter guards, leaves presented no problems this fall. No climbing of ladders required this year.

By CA Horse Rancheron November 10, 2013 – 5 Star
After testing a number of gutter guard products, LeafsOut came out the best BY FAR. We have large stone pines which shed tons of sharp-pointed 3-legged needles, as well as a variety of oaks. We tested various gutter guards by installing them on a model roof made of plywood, dropping pine needles and other leaves and debris on the “roof” and gutter, and then created “rainstorms” with a hose/sprayer. We tested several brands sold by Amazon, all brands sold at Home Depot, Sears, and Orchard Supply Hardware, and a CA “custom” gutter guard company. Every brand except LeafsOut failed the pine needles test – the holes just invited 1 leg of the pine needle to drop in and stick, leaving less and less room for water. Once stuck, the pine needles created a worse cleaning task than just leaving the gutter uncovered.

Many other brands are cheap plastic, which “clips onto the top of the gutter”, leaving a nice flat platform for debris to build up. I was also concerned that cheap plastic would be somewhat less UV resistant than the manufacturers claim. Clip-ins seem particularly flimsy, and would not handle our big storms with wind gusts of 100 mph.

LeafsOut sells samples (on Amazon). If you’re considering other brands, ask the company for a sample. Then test it yourself.

Installation of LeafsOut was straight forward. Some reviewers have commented about the lack of predrilled screw holes – frankly I would not want predrilled holes, as you will be cutting pieces at the ends of runs and corners, and will want to determine where screws go yourself. The provided self-tapping screws are fine. We used a hand-held grinder with a metal cut-off wheel to trim pieces for ends and corners (definitely wear a full face shield or serious eye protection if you do this), though other techniques would also work. The company warns you that the edges are sharp where you cut them – take that warning seriously.

By t3pon September 22, 2013 – 3 Star
Verified Purchase
its reasonably easy to install, although it does not have predrilled installation holes as they advertise so they really should update their advertising and installation instructions. But not a big deal to drill your own holes.

i think there is a drawback in the way the product is constructed. The lower edge, the aluminum strip which screws into the gutter, is raised up higher than the level of the mesh, as you can see in pictures. This raised edge seems to snag leaves and other debris and cause the debris to pile up on the mesh (instead of sliding down over the edge as intended) and then water tends to run over the piled up debris and drip over the edge of the gutter. If they had designed the product without the strip being raised i think it would shed debris better. I don’t know why they designed it the way they did unless it was just easier to manufacture, or maybe they felt the raised edge helps slow down water which might otherwise be moving too fast to flow down into the mesh as intended — possibly a design tradeoff between catching debris vs catching water.

another issue is that the product is on the flimsy side compared to competing products. Once it is installed it seems somewhat sturdier, but i still wonder whether it will survive a hit from a large branch. On the plus side, the flexibility of the product makes it easier to install and lay flat under shingles — I looked at samples of some sturdier, heavier gauge products, and I think they might be harder to install neatly.

All the competing products I looked at, both mesh and solid surface types, also have drawbacks and tradeoffs. My house used to have Gutter Helmet (before i had to replace the roof and gutters) and it was not perfect either, plus with Gutter Helmet you have to deal with their contractor which can raise more issues. It really seems there could be a better DIY product than i have been able to find in the current marketplace.

By bartooniston August 6, 2013 – 5 Star
Verified Purchase
Was a little leery about the capability of this product but after installing it and having it on my gutters for a few months, including the changing of the season, I’m really pleased. Looked up on the roof from a small hill in the back yard and compared my house to others. Mine was the one with clear gutters…including the ones with various gutter guards. Seems to be working just fine! I’m guessing it will support lots of snow since it is really strong, once in place..