LeafsOut Warranty

We get asked from time to time about our warranty and even though it is in our manual which is available as a download on this site decided to put it here. The basics are that our mesh will keep everything out of your gutter except for the water and you will not need to clean your gutters again. The mesh is stainless steel which will last a long time, way longer than our warranty. You may need to clean the top of the mesh each year depending on your trees, wind, rain and other factors - but you will not need to clean the gutters.

LeafsOut Limited Warranty

Limited Parts Warranty: LeafsOut LLC warrants to the original purchaser that the rain gutter guard LeafsOut will not be defective in manufactured parts and agrees that it will, at its option only, either repair the defect or replace the defective part with a new or reconditioned equivalent. This limited warranty is valid for 20 (twenty) years for parts only and does not include cost of labor for re-installation. No other warranty is expressed or implied in this limited warranty. Coverage exclusions and limitations: The above mentioned warranties are void if any of the following conditions occur.

  • Improper installation
  • Settlement of the building structure
  • Structural shrinkage or distortion of the structure (Examples: warping of the roof or gutter over time).
  • Vandalism and/or Impact of foreign objects
  • Hail, fire, tornado, windstorm, earthquakes, lightning or any other natural occurrence or act of god.
  • Protective liquids or any type of roof preservation product applied to the roof top to extend the life of the roof including paint over spray.
  • Maintenance procedures are not followed properly
  • Accidental damages, misuse or abuse of LeafsOut

It is the owners(s) responsibility to unclog the mesh in the event it gets clogged. Icicles can form, and ice can form on top of LeafsOut in extreme cold weather when snow is present. LeafsOut’s obligation under this warranty shall at no time exceed the original purchase price of this product at time of sale, but not for installation or re-installation costs. These warranties cover only LeafsOut gutter guards and does not cover the gutter or any part of the building structure. LeafsOut reserves the right to withdraw this warranty from the market at any time. Any and all warranties in effect at the time of removal will not be affected by the withdrawal, and will remain in affect until their expiration. This warranty is non-transferable. LeafsOut will not be liable to you or any subsequent owner(s) for a breach of any written or oral express warranties, such as those given to you by a LeafsOut dealer, contractor, sub-contractor or installer of LeafsOut products. Any implied warranties imposed by law, such at the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in time to the duration of the express warranty. LeafsOut shall not be liable for any consequential damages for breach of any express, written, oral, or implied warranty on any LeafsOut gutter guard. Your exclusive remedy shall be repair or replacement solely at LeafsOut’s option, only on terms stated in the warranties. Registration of Warranty: Registration is automatic when purchased directly from LeafsOut which includes the following websites: leafsout.com, ebay.com and amazon.com. If purchased other than these three websites this warranty becomes effective when the purchaser completes this warranty application and mails it to LeafsOut office within 60 days after purchase. Failure to do so will render this warranty null and void. Claims Procedure: Any claim made here under must be presented to LeafsOut within the warranty period within a reasonable period of time after discovering the defect. The claim should make reference to the original date of installation and the purchaser’s name, address and phone number.