The Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Tools for under $20

The Gutter Scoop

Your first gutter tool for under $20 is the gutter scoop. Touching foul-smelling organic matter with your hands is no treat, and often the toughest element is the half-decomposed sludge that packs on the bottom of the gutter. A gutter scoop and some elbow grease are a good choice for this mess. Common complaints, however, are the quality of the product: most handles and trowels break over time, and very few survive multiple seasons. Additionally, consider the gutter spikes or brackets every 2 feet to 2.5 feet. The gutter scoop doesn’t go under the gutter bracket, and awkwardly jamming it around the bracket hardly helps. There are certain points where it becomes more trouble than it’s worth. That said, feel free to test drive the InvisaFlow Gutter Scoop! At $4.17 at Lowe’s, it’ll hardly set you back.

The Gutter Getter Rake

Next we have the Gutter Getter rake. One infuriating aspect of gutter cleaning is having to constantly re-position the ladder to work your way down the gutter around your home. The problem is compounded when working on the second floor, as the time spent climbing up and down the ladder is doubled. The Gutter Getter rake aims to decrease the number of times you have to re-position your ladder by increasing your reach while you’re up on the ladder. Product features include a hook to hang the product from the gutter while you are re-positioning the ladder and the ability to attach it to a Gutter Getter extension handle to increase your reach (though we imagine any threaded broom handle will do). Certain users on Amazon have complained about a flimsy design and the blade detaching from the handle, but others have nothing but positive things to say! Search for it on Amazon.

SkyMall’s Gutter Cleaning Tool

Our last product is offered through SkyMall and falls into the category of an extendable gutter cleaner. It just barely squeaks under our $20 limit at $19.99, but squeak it does! One way to eliminate the hassle of re-positioning ladders and the fear of climbing them is to invest in an extendable tool. This tool is a clasping mechanism (“tongs”) that is intended to grab up to 14″ of debris from your gutter at a distance. It screws on to the top of any threaded broom handle or existing extension pole. To reach the second story, you as the customer will have to supply the additional supply pole and rope, but the mechanism will continue to work. Cant really imagine needing this and the amount of time to clean your rain gutter with it but here is the link.